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Corrections video
Corrections video Corrections video Corrections video Corrections video
$8.50 AUD

Corrections video

1080HD Chastity belt fetish Video 

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Run time 11:54 500mb download. 

Carmen was led into the punishment room to both receive her 20 lashes with the cane on her bottom and the caging of her pussy. It is reported that Carmen had dabbled in BDSM when she was a free woman but we doubt she has experienced anything so real like this before and from the look at her pale and beautiful rear end, she was a virgin to a cane designed to her bright red markings. One by one, Carmen took the lashes, getting weaker in spirit each time the cane slapped on her ass. By the time the last lash hit her ass, she was spent and exhausted, a defeated girl. The perfect opportunity to give her a much harsher punishment.

As Carmen was recovering, the guards showed her the chastity belts and all reports showed that Carmen became pale ass a ghost and sobbed as she knew what the chastity belt meant. Already weak from the caning, all Carmen could do was submit to her new master as the belt was locked in place, preventing her from smuggling anything again nor receiving any pleasure while she stays behind these four walls.

The red markings n her ass still stung and burned as she put on her prison garbs and was shackled for transport. The hot markings may of still scorched her rear but those will heal eventually. She was more worried about the cold steel now firmly around her waist, locked in a freezing embrace, cooling down the hot passions she still has. The lashes will heal, but the belt will last the rest of her sentence and the guards of her new home will make sure to remind her of her predicament every second of everyday.  

This video is 100% fiction made to provoke the fetish and kinky minds. 

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$8.50 AUD