Chastity Belt buyers guide 2021

Chastity Belt buyers guide 2021

1 – Men’s Slim Fit Chastity Belt

Taking inspiration from Fancy Steel’s classic, highly adjustable cable system, this Men’s slim fit chastity belt design provides a discreet fit for long term wear.

The waistband securely yet comfortably fits on the waist or hips, either fit can be achieved through adjustment of the steel cables.

The steel cables are lined with hypoallergenic black silicone for comfort.

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2 – The Sissy Chastity Belt

This belt has been huge very popular in the transgender scene as is gives the male wear a steel vagina/labia shape front removing their masculinity.

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3 – Female Chastity Belt – High Waist

Classic design re-made for 2021 the female chastity belt high waisted feature. very secure and fitting for hour glassed shape bodies. very popular in the kink community

Learn more about Fancy Steel’s Female high waist chastity belt

4 – New female hybrid chastity belt

The female hybrid chastity belt is a great beginner’s belt for the price point and the level of comfort and adjustability for a steel chastity belt.

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