Q: Sexy as always.. was it something your husband did or said that got you to take chastity into your own hands. I'll lock myself and when my wife sees it locks she may tease it a little but she unlocks it to have me cum. I've told her I want her to control it but it seems like she just wants it off. She doesn't even want to relock me after. Any advice? I'd love for her to be into it.

Hey there, @narnar2. I feel for ya. I was her…for a long time. @cbpetey69 can vouch to that fact. Now that I see first hand that it’s about a deeper connection that can be shared by playing with chastity, I know how lonely it was for him to patiently wait for me to join him. But we don’t dwell on the past. We just try to make the present a pleasant one and look forward to the future and the endless possibilities that we can share together. As far as taking chastity in my own hands, it was my hubby making a caption out of one of my sexy photos. He would show me his favorite captions with the ‘model like’ girls behind the words and I just never connected with the sentiment. It wasn’t until I saw myself in a caption that he wrote for me that I felt apart of his fantasy. Our story won’t always translate as a realistic option for other men who are trying to get their wives on board, but my goal is to inspire hope and creativity. You know your wife better than anyone. Get creative and catch her attention in your own way. I’m here if you need to chat!