Task No. 1


I’m awfully cranky this morning from everything you put me through yesterday. I need some cheering up. I want you to think back to the moment that we first met. Tell me how you felt when you met the love of your life. Don’t spare any details. That’s where all the beauty lies. You have until 8:46am to complete this first task. For every minute past your cutoff time, you will be spanked just like me last night. Reblog this when writing me back.

Bella Girl my love and my everything. As you so often like to repeat what I said, it is only appropriate to start with that. “Even Shakespeare would be at a loss for words to describe your beauty.” Being that our families were always familiar with each other I knew of you but never met you. It’s amazing that, even in such close proximity to one another, it took over two decades for us to meet. A purely chance encounter one snowy night in our home town. Both visiting from school and both somewhere that we each would only frequent a few times a year. Up to my usual antics and having fun time stood still when I saw you. I asked a friend to confirm who you are. A time in which people do not “stare” at each other I could not release my gaze. Even though I have excellent vision my eyes were not good enough to peer as far into you as I would have liked. An introduction to one another and an invitation to hang out together. To compare us to puzzle pieces would be an injustice. A more fitting and simple anology would be the mixing of primary colors. Once you mix red and blue together you have purple. Purple cannot be “unmixed” as our immediate bond could never be broken. Your beauty filled my mind at all times like a cup running over with water. You are the only person who I can spend an infinite amount of time with and never tire or become bored of. I love you with everything that I am my perfect Bella Girl.