With the season changing to fall, this little snow bunny outfit that one of my admirers picked out for me will keep me warm and cozy, yet still feel super sexy! Thank you so much for the gift! You guys spoil me and I love that you guys get to decide what’s hugging my body!!
And then my sweet, thoughtful, and supportive hubby bought a gift for my Daddy and I. This chain belt is more symbolic than anything. It’s a physical reminder and it really turns me on! Being locked up in my Fancy Steel belt and it completely covering my princess parts is the ultimate denial. But no matter what I’m wearing, when @rossrose87 and I are playing together, I don’t touch myself unless he has told me to or if my hubby and I are being intimate.
I’ve learned that chastity isn’t just about the physical denial. It’s also the mental stimulation in knowing that someone else cares enough to take responsibility of the pleasure that you desire.
So in saying all of that, I had issues wearing my Fancy Steel belt for 8 hours at work. I sit in front of a computer all day and I was in too much pain to want to wear it at work again. I told my hubby about it and was bummed that I couldn’t bear to wear it at work again. So he surprised me with a solution! I love you @cbpetey69!
I am always open and honest with you guys and I take a lot of pride that my diary is portraying my actual life. Thank you for following along and being apart of my journey!