Q: Good evening. First I just wanted to say that my wife and I are huge fans of your blog. Second I would like to ask, how did you become so obedient to your master? And third, where did you get you collection of gags? Particularly the harness one.

Thank you so much! I think it’s partly my nature to be obedient, and partly the the dynamic Sir has set up for us. Meaning, I don’t have the impression that being disobedient is going to get me anywhere so, I don’t bother. :) 

As for my collection of gags, thanks for asking! I got the gag harness, and muzzle from  http://www.top-to-bottom-leathers.co.uk 

I get a lot of questions about that- So, Sir helped me add a toys page to my blog with the links to where you can find my gear. He has fantastic taste, so I’m super spoiled! You won’t be disappointed with anything you decide to buy.

Thank you for the questions! :)