I love my regular chastity belts, but I occasionally like to play with my old chain belt.

This belt is fairly effective at keeping me in line. The chain either stops me completely from touching my pussy,  or makes it a disappointing experience if I try to… and the thickness of the links make it impossible to cum. 

Not to mention, the metal itself is cold and creates a little bit of a numbing sensation until it warms up. 

I love that the holes in the links clearly display how wet I am, and provide Sir with endless reasons for punishing his slut, (as if he needs a reason, lol).

Most importantly,  I think chains look pretty over tight leather. :)

For anyone who is interested in trying out a metal chastity belt, Sir and I would recommend buying some chain and playing with one like this. 

Its super cheap, and there are lots of fun configurations to try. If your Sir is mean, you could even add plugs. ;)

Admittedly, its more forgiving than a regular chastity belt, but will definitely give you an idea of what it feels like to be locked in metal.  

Wearing it over a corset makes it a little more comfortable, but it can easily be worn without one.