If Sir is feeling generous, I sometimes get to have both plugs...

If Sir is feeling generous, I sometimes get to have both plugs while I’m belted. :) 

I’m used to only having the ass plug and a completely ignored pussy, so I always think the pussy plug is going to be the answer to all of my locked-up-chastity-girl frustrations. 

This is because part of me thinks that by some miracle, I will be able to cum just from having a filled pussy… but this never ever happens. I don’t even get close to cumming. 

And to make things worse, any sort of movement I make trying to grind against the belt and get the pussy plug to move around only succeeds in pushing the ass plug deeper.. Its like a built in punishment for trying to get pleasure to my greedy pussy.. And yet I can’t stop myself from trying. 

Needless to say, this is a very effective tool for Sir. :) I’m always very motivated to be a good mouth fuckhole when my other holes are plugged and locked up with no hope for release. 

So, now I will go without the pussy plug for awhile.. until I forget how much it tortures me, and then I’ll start begging Sir and trying to earn some time with it again. :)


Collar: Dungeon Delights

Chastity Belt: Fancy Steel

Key safe: From Amazon