If Sir waits too long to give me an assignment I eventually start...

If Sir waits too long to give me an assignment I eventually start begging for one. I need to have a lot of tasks to do in order to channel all my slutty energy into something productive…Otherwise, I just sit around all day and play with my vibrators. 

Last night I felt like I needed a task, so he gave me one I won’t forget anytime soon. :)


Instructions from Sir:

 “I like the idea of locking you tight in a belt with a pussy plug, and watching you spend time crawling, sucking, and doing slutty things to your ass until its big enough to take your favorite dildo. 

First, get locked in your belt with the pussy plug. Since your ass will be used, make sure you have the shield with the rear opening. Start with fingers, then the small plug. Keep busy, and ramp up with plugs until enough for cock. 

The end result will be having your ass stuffed with your favorite dildo used for sucking practice. Maybe that will teach the greedy slut what she deserves instead of vibrator time. (Been using my vibrators a LOT lately. Like 3 times a day..)

As usual, you are to be gagged when not sucking, and the muzzle counts. This means, have another dildo on the mirror and feel free to take breaks to suck if you don’t want to be gagged. You can watch yourself in the mirror so you won’t be confused as to what a slut looks like and how they get treated.

..And put the keys in the kitchen safe for 1 hour intervals. If you can’t get the dildo in your ass within the one hour time frame, you will be locked again for at least another hour. We’ll see how that helps you use your time.”