Q: Is the new belt with the pieces on the waist pinchy? What about the shield when you took off the guard and your lips peeked through was that pinchy? ..

The link belt is not pinchy as long as the belt is worn as tightly as its designed to be. The pieces don’t seem to move at all once its locked on.

If there was pinching, I’m sure there’s a way to put spacers between the links, or simply remove some of them to create a bigger gap.

In these situations (where things are pinchy or weird), I would always recommend contacting the maker. They are the experts, and can either find a solution or tell you what you’re doing wrong. Thankfully, I haven’t had too many problems so far.

I did run into some pinching with the anal plug at the point where it attaches to the cable in the back (yikes!), but thats because I put it on without the lining on the cable to stabilize it, so it was my own mistake.

With my lips/clit poking though, pinching only occurred when I tried to stick my finger through the hole and touch, so that was well deserved. Otherwise, it was completely tolerable. (Minus the humiliation)

Thank you for the questions :)