Is there anyway i can get a list of the rules you are made to follow ?

Q: Is there anyway i can get a list of the rules you are made to follow ?

Yes! Here are my current rules. :)


My starting rules so far to be obeyed while being useful:
-What you want does not matter, your only concern should be eagerly wanting to be useful.
-Before you are to be useful, you must be in uniform.
Yours consists of cuffs, collar, leash, anal plug, and chastity belt all locked on. When the leather chastity belt is chosen, the spiked ball is to be placed on your pussy (under the belt). Hair is to be put in a tight ponytail or pigtails.
-When responding to an inquiry, you are to refer to me as Sir.
-Your main purpose is to be mouth fuckhole, your other holes are merely for punishment. As a result your pussy will receive no pleasure while serving.
-You are to clean up all messes made by yourself or while being useful with your mouth.
-While not sucking you are immediately to be gagged if not needed for other things and once ungagged you are expected to immediately start sucking.
-When all holes are covered you are considered in storage and worthless, as a result should be eager to make one available to be useful again.
-Unless specified otherwise, you are not to clean up cum based messes until they are cold / room temperature.
New Rules for consideration:
-If lube is used on a plug or dildo your tongue and or mouth is required to be used to spread it evenly.
-By default a condom will be used while sucking and the right to earn to suck bare cock must be earned.