Its always fun for me to come up with new outfits for Sir to...

Its always fun for me to come up with new outfits for Sir to inspect. :) 

For this set of pics I wanted to show off a new skirt, a new belt, and a new pair of slim cuffs.. :)

The skirt is fromWildHeartCreationz on Etsy. I can’t believe how awesome it fits!I love the high waist, and the way it hugs my curves. I’m sure I’m supposed to pull the corset part tighter but I don’t want to break it, hehe.  

The belt is from KADABRA on Etsy. I love the Moschino style belts with the gold lettering, but I can’t necessarily justify spending that much money on belts as often as my tastes change, so Sir helped me find an Etsy store that makes cuffs and collars with similar gold letters. They don’t usually make belts, but she was willing to try, and it turned out awesome! 

I chose the word “Flawless” because it’s entertaining for Sir to shove his cock in the mouth of a stuck up girl, who’s wearing a cunty belt, and then punish her accordingly for liking it. hehe

The slim design cuffs were made special for me, and I love them so much! Its hard to find cuffs that are truly “girl size” so I can’t get enough of these. They’re so comfy that I wore them for like 2 days straight.. So, it only makes sense I would add them as a fashion accessory to this outfit. :)

Skirt: WildHeartCreationz on Etsy

Belt: KADABRA on Etsy