Just showing off my Premium Slim Utility Leather Wrist Cuffs from...

Just showing off my Premium Slim Utility Leather Wrist Cuffs from The Discerning Specialist Store.  ( ˘ ³˘)♥

I love these cuffs for so many reasons.. first of all, they’re actually slim for smaller wrists. I have purchased several sets of cuffs and even the “small” ones seem to be, “one size fits most… boys” and they always end up looking bulky.  

Don’t get me wrong- bulky bondage gear is sexy, but it gets old after awhile. I can’t wear regular cuffs all day without eventually getting annoyed by them.

These cuffs fit my 5.5″ wrists perfectly and the holes are close together to get a more precise fit. This means I can easily adjust and wear them over long gloves, and still get a tight fit. Thats important because we all know how much I love and need my gloves…

The velcro closure makes the straps stay in place and prevents that thing that happens where the strap splits when you’re doing lots of moving around. Thats my biggest complaint with most cuffs. 

The velcro also makes it easier for me to put them on by myself and get them nice and tight. Which is hard to do if youre wearing gloves, and trying to put your cuffs on by yourself so youre in uniform to serve Sir properly. 

The padding makes them soft (important for delicate kitties), but its not too much padding, so they remain low profile and sexy. To me, they feel and look like bracelets so Sir can keep me in them all day and even make me sleep in them without too much complaining on my end. 

Sir and I were curious to see if slimmer cuffs might make wrists more sore after  rough play (because theres less surface area to protect the wrists) but I don’t notice any difference. To be honest, I think they work better because they fit better. 

Mine didn’t come with locking buckles because I have special needs (i.e.: I demand everything to come in black and gold, hehe) .. but, if you like silver you can get locking buckles for these. Personally, I like mine without the locking buckles because they are even more low profile with the regular buckle.

Oh, and just to be clear- these cuffs are custom, so even if you have bigger wrists, anyone who likes the low profile design can get them. And you can choose between all sorts of hardware options. 

I’ve been testing these out for awhile (as you can see by the scuffs) and they have have survived lots of slutty tasks and rough sessions. I voluntarily put my cuffs and collar on most days just because I like to wear them, and I can easily spend the entire day in these slim cuffs without any problems. I would definitely recommend these slim cuffs to anyone that wants to spoil their kitty.

Get your slim cuffs here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/500124910/premium-slim-utility-leather-wrist-cuffs?ref=shop_home_active_2

Check out his site for BDSM gear reviews here: http://www.discerningspecialist.com