More cage time pics. :)I really love my little water bottle.....

More cage time pics. :)

I really love my little water bottle.. Theres something super objectifying and sexy about being forced to drink from a container intended for animals. 

I also like that Sir doesn’t have to bother opening the cage to give me water- he can just hang a bottle on the outside, and walk away.

..And since I’m on the topic..heres a fun fact about me and cages: My fascination with being in a cage started when I was really young (like 5 or 6..maybe even younger), and the majority of the games I played as a kid revolved around me pretending to be a dog. I even remember making leashes with belts, string, and yarn -which got me in a lot trouble as a kid, lol.

So, I suppose this was a fetish for me long before I was technically old enough to have fetishes. :)