Rule: “You are to clean up all messes made by yourself or while...

Rule: “You are to clean up all messes made by yourself or while being useful with your mouth.”

Rule: “Unless specified otherwise, you are not to clean up cum based messes until they are cold / room temperature.”


A mouthful of Sirs warm cum is the perfect reward after a long suck training session.. Unfortunately, if I’m enjoying myself too much (and getting his warm cum that I love) this means that I’m thinking about what I want and not providing him with selfless service. To prevent this selfish way of thinking, Sir makes sure that everything I love is made less enjoyable so I always remember that I get nothing in return for my service. 

When I’m sucking Sir’s cock and I see my bowl come out, I know that he’s going to enforce his cold cum rule, and will be taking away any pleasure I get from him cumming in my mouth. He still gets to enjoy the convenience of having an eager mouth fuckhole to cum in, but I don’t get to enjoy swallowing it directly  from his cock (which is what I live for). I’m expected to spit his cum into the bowl and continue to focus on his cock and provide him with any service he desires until given the final order to clean up my cold mess. 

Sir has certainly worked hard to train me to be a slut that will eagerly serve him without question anytime he wants, and expect nothing in return.