Kitty denied

Recently, Sir expressed an interest in keeping me stored under his desk for a few hours at a time while he works or just generally does things that are more important. He likes the idea of having easy access to my mouth for a quick suck without having to get up or stop working.. and I love being in storage for long periods of time and essentially being ignored until needed. Not to mention, one of my favorite ways to be used is to suck Sir’s cock as he watches porn… and this is the perfect arrangement for that. :)

My assignment for today was to come up with a specific uniform that I think would make me useful while in storage under Sir’s desk. As with any of my uniforms, every item should have a purpose and explanation with the ultimate goal of me being optimized for Sir’s use. :)

So here’s the explanation of my Under Desk Storage uniform:

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Here are a few pics from the first part of my task on Sunday.

The task was to get the wevibe in my pussy followed by the inflatable dildo.  Then I was to put the metal belt over the whole thing, lock it up tight, and pray that Sir had better things to do than train his slut. 

The dildo holds the vibrator in place making it that much harder to adjust my position and escape once I’ve started to cum, and having the metal belt over it makes it impossible for me to reach under and move anything with my pesky hands. 

Getting both toys in my pussy was kind of a tight fit for me, so it slightly displaces the wevibe in the pics, but it did its intended job and I spent most of my time begging NOT to cum.

So many orgasms meant I had lots of my own mess to lick clean before moving on to other slutty tasks. :)

(and sorry about the bruises.. gonna be a week or so before they go away)

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Technically today was my day off from being slutty to let my bruises heal.. but was suffering from a little bit of sub-drop, so Sir gave me a task. :)

The main goal was to test the we-vibe in my pussy and see if I could still fit the inflatable dildo in and lock the belt over the whole thing. It was a super tight fit but I managed to get it in. I was allowed to play on my own and managed to sneak in several orgasms. 

Didn’t feel right to have only have one hole stuffed, so my ass was filled with an inflatable dildo as well. This is extra slutty because I chose to do this on my own, and its something I really don’t enjoy. I can usually blame Sir for making me do horrible things to my ass, but today it was my idea. 

I also did some slutty stuff with my favorite dildos, but will save those pics for another day. :)

Now my holes are as sore as my ass looks, but I’m feeling MUCH better. :)

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Storage practice with inflatable plugs

“Next task: …garters with leather belt. Inflatable toys in ass and pussy, and wear the modular gag harness with an inflatable gag.. All 3 holes filled and pumped…”


As per my rules, when all 3 holes are filled I’m considered worthless and in storage. Sir likes that he doesn’t have to worry about me sneaking in any pleasure, and the plugs keep me frustrated and eager to serve when he comes back.

This particular task was a little more challenging than usual because I have never had the inflatable dildo in my ass… and It was just as intense as I had imagined. 

After some crawling around and moaning (muffled by the gag), I was allowed to use the hitachi over my belt to try and cum. 

Even though I had a thick piece of leather over my pussy I was able to get enough sensation to cum… Which is exactly how a slut would react. :)

As always, I’m grateful to Sir for such thorough training. :)

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