Kitty denied

I’m finally back home and settled after a couple crazy weeks of travel and fun. I enjoyed my lazy time with no tasks, but I’m always happy to get back to being slutty and entertaining for Sir. :)

I had a relatively simple task for last night… to spend some time belted and plugged with the keys in the kitchen safe. Sir didn’t specify a uniform so I got creative and dressed in my version of a playboy bunny outfit. 

Dressing up definitely makes the time go by faster and it never hurts to make sure Sir is pleased with the results of my assignment.. Especially since I’ve been so sassy and lazy lately. :)

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We love the look of the old school Playboy Bunnies, so I tried out a couple different looks with the plug harness and the metal chastity belt.  I also got a fun little body harness with a chain. 

I was supposed to wear the bunny tail plug, but I totally forgot! I’m sure I will have an opportunity to take more pics that include the tail very soon. :)

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