Kitty denied

Theres no particular story or task behind this outfit… I just wanted to see how many layers of leather I could lock on. :) 

I love the whole process of doing my hair/make up, picking out an outfit and taking lots of time getting ready to be used… 

After I’m done, Sir likes ruining all my pretty makeup by reminding me the purpose of a mouth fuckhole.. then he sends me away to fix myself up so I’m pretty when he wants to use me again later.  :)

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It’s been awhile since I played with my muzzle..

I love that it’s so restrictive, but still comfortable. I also love the pink accents, and the fact that I can wear my kitty ears under it.. That makes everything more fun. 

Sir likes that he doesn’t have to listen to any complaining while I’m wearing it and if I’m enjoying myself too much, my wet panties can be shoved in my mouth before it’s locked on. 

He never lets me forget that life isn’t fair for sluts. :) 

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