These pics correspond with a couple of my rules: -Unless...

These pics correspond with a couple of my rules:
-Unless specified otherwise, you are not to clean up cum based messes until they are cold / room temperature.
-You are to clean up all messes made by yourself or while being useful with your mouth.

Sir had to make sure that I wasn’t enjoying myself too much when he cums in my mouth, so he decided it would be best for me to spit the cum in my bowl and wait for it to get cold before I clean it up properly with my mouth. This is in addition to shocking me with the shock collar the entire time he’s cumming.. Nothing hotter than Sir getting to cum while I’m suffering. :)

This rule is important for my training because after I spit in the bowl I have to wait patiently for the cum to cool, and that gives me time to think about how slutty I am, and why I get treated this way. It also helps reinforce my understand that what I want doesn’t matter, and everything I do is for Sirs entertainment. 

Watching my bowl and waiting for cum to get cold always makes me super wet and provides Sir with endless reasons to punish. After all, only a slut would get wet from being treated this way and sluts deserve lots of punishment for wanting to do such horrible things. Not to mention, its entertaining to Sir that he can command me to lick up cold cum and I’m so desperate for it that I will do so immediately.

Having a selfless service fetish means I think its super hot that, not only are my desires completely ignored, but Sir takes extra steps to make sure that even accidental pleasure is impossible… This is important because, if I’m enjoying any part of being used, that means I’m thinking about my own greedy pussy and not selflessly serving Sir’s cock.

Life isn’t fair for sluts. ;)