Long term chastity advice from Mistress Ute

Long term chastity advice from Mistress Ute

Training a slave to wear a chastity belt, and then imposing it on them is one of my
passions in BDSM.

For me it's not about keeping people chaste for days, weeks or even months. My aim is to create a constant presence in the wearer that allows the person to feel at all times who they belong to and who determines their sexuality. This works very well with a chastity belt. 

I have a very engaging personality. If I call a slave my own, then I see it that way too. Although it is quite clear to me that this is not legally the case. But the slave wants it that way, otherwise he/she would not have chosen me as mistress, because what I want has been clarified in advance. I have not and will not hide in such a conversation the fact that a slave with me has to wear chastity. 
A mixture of power and dependence arises - relationship. But that is exactly what slaves are looking for them it is also a self-affirmation of who they are, and that is exactly what makes the wearer feel good. For this self-affirmation, they are also happy to accept the hurdles that arise when locked in chastity. 

I had three 24/7 slaves. 1 Male 2 Female. All three of them were very happy to wear the belt later. If I forgot the belt, they asked for it. All three reported that the belt gave them a good feeling in everyday life because they had the constant presence of the Mistress. All three of them also had jobs

All three people initially had the feeling that the belt could be seen under their normal clothing. Inshort, that was my initial imagination.

The question often arises with men: what if they are very well endowed? The answer to that is - good.
Chastity belts are made to measure and the quiver for their "sanctuary" is made accordingly. The quiver is adjusted to the unerect state with a small addition.

I also get asked about weight fluctuations...

Slight fluctuations in weight don't play a role - within a certain range a good chastity belt can be adjusted.

The effect on men is as follows:
If the cock gets stiff, and it will, then it will only go up to a certain point. This then rubs and limits swelling, making the wearer even hornier. This then leads to the pain where your body says that's it and the cock goes limp. Then the game starts again until nothing works anymore. After 4-8 weeks of 24/7 constant wear and chastity at the latest, every man is absolutely tame and submissive. The same applies to a woman, only here it is sex withdrawal.
You should also make the wearer aware of what happens if he or she doesn't move as quickly as you want. To do this, you simply keep him chaste for a long time, really over 3-4 months.

I already wrote that it is not in my interest to keep the wearer chaste for months. But I think whetherhe/she has done something or not, it is important to make the wearer aware of what he/she isplaying with when he/she starts to provoke or disobey. If the 3-4 months are not enough, you can also extend them. But I have found that the threat of this punishment is enough to get Sub's back on
track quickly.

You can then notice 3 wearing phases for men and women.

1. Experimental phase it makes him horny but also exhausted. Partially big mouth.

2. Frustration, defiance and rebelliousness phase.

3. Submissiveness, more attention to the mistress, more courtesy

You will discover completely new traits in your slave. For example, no macho behavior from the man, no more big mouth from the woman and a lot of attention from both.
slaves have proven the opposite. I tested it myself with the chastity belt of my first 24/7 slave for 4 weeks. I just wanted to know what I was burdening the subs with. It was easy to wear but it takes some getting used to.

The body also has to get used to it. Experience shows that this takes 2-3 months. After that, such a piece can be worn 24/7. For women the path is the same. Nevertheless, masturbation is some what possible for women. Original sound from our ex. 24/7 slave: "Masturbation is possible, but you have to twist and bend your fingers so much that it's no fun.
Women often ask about hygiene, but this applies to men as well.
Of course, hygiene must be taken into account. You can bathe and shower with something like this. Place a rubber slip mat underneath the bathtub otherwise there will be scratches in the tub. The chastity tube or shield should be completely removed at least once a week. Soak briefly in soapy water, rinse then dry. For
the men's KG quiver, a glass brush makes sense for the quiver.

What restrictions you come up with for the cleaning time is up to you. But it should be that she/he can't play.

Wearing a chastity belt during the days is possible but If you have to move a lot for work, you should only wear the item 24/7 once you are absolutely sure
that your body has gotten used to it and that you will no longer get any skin irritations. If that
happens, it hurts and the area quickly becomes more and more sore. Milking grease or petroleum
jelly can also provide relief/relief if you can't take it off straight away. For this reason it makes sense
to carry a small, filled container with you.

Again to lubricate the belt. It is particularly important in the upper area of the rear abdominal panel and on the hip straps; the rest does not play such a big role.

Pure Vaseline or, even better, pure milking fat were best suited for lubrication.
Any fluids or creams like Nivea are rather unsuitable because they absorb into the skin too quickly.

Bathroom use, My subs usually had a 100 ml syringe with them when they were out for a long time, which they used to fill the chastity tube or shield with water and then rinse with. This keeps the chastity device odor-free for longer. To rinse, simply
press on the syringe through the round hole at the front and rinse, of course without a needle.

The cleaning the chastity belt...
Simply take a large bucket of lukewarm water and add some soap to it. Put the chastity belt in there overnight.
Take the chastity belt out in the morning, dry it, it can be worn again. This doesn't have to be every day, you do it when necessary.
At some point the point comes when simply soaking it in soapy water is no longer enough because the quiver smells. That's why you get a suitable round bottle brush, clean the quiver with the brush and soap and the problem is solved. When you shower, simply hold the water jet well and extensively onto the quiver, which increases the wearing time. Every time you urinate, some urine naturally remains on the body. Simply wipe the bottom of the spout with some toilet paper.

In addition, the body does not get used to one chastity belt in such a short time. I already said it takes about 3
months with intensive training. From this point of view, trying it out over a short period of time is
compressed nonsense and is more likely to lead to a negative judgment.
In order to carry such a weight 24/7, serious training and stamina are important. I trained a man and two women on such a chastity belt and it worked for all three people after about 3 months and they could
wear it 24/7.


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