Service bunny practice! :)Was given the task tonight to get in my...

Service bunny practice! :)

Was given the task tonight to get in my full service bunny uniform and practice delivering drinks from a tray… I walked back and forth between the two chairs placing drinks on the side tables and picking them up again. I practiced kneeling and standing in this super restrictive outfit, and I got to stop for some sucking practice, too.

I mostly did well, but eventually spilled water everywhere. Apparently being a useful service animal isn’t just looks. ;)

Incase you’re wondering… I wore my kitty tail because a tail is required for the uniform, but my bunny tail isn’t here yet. It will be here soon, though.. (Thanks you guys!). 

Sadly, I ruined my black tail tonight. I accidentally stepped on it with my heels  after kneeling down to suck. RIP black tail…maybe I can fix it.. :(

Clearly, I need more practice at being graceful but Sir said I did well. Thats all that matters. :)

If you would like to see the video, its here: