Sir is having me try out some different combinations with my belt...

Sir is having me try out some different combinations with my belt today. 

I’m using a new plug attachment, and trying out a new shield with a rear opening.  

The plug gives me surprisingly little pleasure. Its impossible to ignore and teases me just enough to keep me super wet, but doesn’t get me anywhere near cumming. I suppose that means its working. :)

The open ass attachment is a totally new concept for me.. Always thought it was sexy to look at in pictures (on other people), but now that I’m wearing it- I’m feeling much more humiliated than anticipated. I’m painfully aware of the fact that I’m basically begging for an ass fucking (which is pretty low on my list of things I want to beg for). 

My intention was to have the rear opening so I can wear my foxtail plug without worrying about the cables hurting the fur…. but I think Sir has different plans for me. He likes to remind me that life isn’t fair for sluts. ;)