Sir thought I needed a little bit of bossing around tonight.. :)...

Sir thought I needed a little bit of bossing around tonight.. :) 

He started my evening by making sure my ass was plugged because I’ve been super lazy about that for like 2 weeks now. Then he had me put in the we-vibe under the metal belt so he could remotely give me a few forced orgasms while I was doing whatever task he found amusing.

Then he told me to get my dildo and go to the mirror. To make everything a little harder, my choke collar was attached to my heel cuffs with a leash, keeping me in a forced kneel, so any upward movement pulled on the leash causing me to choke myself. 

Then the mirror dildo was placed just out of reach, my hands cuffed behind me, and Sir went to work testing the vibrator to see what reactions he would get.

Technically, sucking was not mandatory tonight, but Sir likes to give me the option to see what I choose.  Ultimately, it didn’t take long for me to start choking myself because I’ve been thoroughly trained to immediately crave sucking cock if given the opportunity. I just can’t help myself. :)

So, I spent a lot of time struggling, sucking, and choking myself between forced orgasms for Sir’s amusement. 

To sum it up- the main purpose of tonights training was to reinforce the general rules that everything has to be earned, and that life is unfair for a mouth fuckhole.  

I definitely learned my lesson… :)