The D-ring gag.

This is another new toy for me. :) I like the idea of being lead around on a leash hooked to my gag. The D-ring would also serve as a nice anchor point to keep my head down, and ass up when needed.. It’s very well made, and I really love the little lock on the back.

Last-night’s practice:
As always, I must be in the proper uniform before I can be useful to Sir. My uniform is: cuffs, collar, leash, anal plug, and chastity belt -all locked on.

When the leather chastity belt is chosen, the spiked ball is to be placed on my pussy (under the belt). This is used to discourage me from grinding against the belt trying to cum.

After that, I spent some time gagged, crawling around, and drooling all over. Was surprised at how much the gag made me drool… I think it’s because of the way it lays against my face- somehow makes a much bigger mess than any of my other gags. Made my whole face wet. :/

…And as usual, I had a giant mess in my belt to lick clean when all was said and done. :)