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Fancysteel.com in association with A House of Bizarre, is pleased to present Taken, the unofficial sequel to our popular movie "Missing".

Fans of Missing requested more of this darker and gritty genre, and we created it. This movie features Twisted Mofo, Sylvie Rose, Kitty XBX and upcoming fetish star Tonya Shaylee. 

In a small town, young girls have started disappearing without a trace. Kidnapped and imprisoned in the bizarre and sick world of Twisted Mofo. This sparks the interest of the FBI, who continue investigating a missing FBI agent Rosie Smith. Follow the sinister gripping journey of the underworld of BSDM. 


MP4 Video Download

38.00 minutes Running Time

Video file instant download link provided after checkout. 

Download  Free VLC player here 


A must-watch before viewing Taken 

Download Missing here


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