Attitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment

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RELEASE DATE November 19
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About 'Attitude Adjustment' 

Fancy Steel proudly presents 'Attitude Adjustment'... 

Newcomer KiKi Isobel stars as the ultimate bratty, entitled millennial. She takes her boyfriend for granted in every way - he's a cash machine and an inconvenience.

Starring as her beaten down boy toy, Jackson Steele has had enough. It's Jackson's turn, and he's taking matters into his own hands. They say there's nothing sweeter than revenge... so maybe some amped up behaviour modification will do the trick?

Watch as KiKi is finally put in her place, one shock at a time. Once restrained, Jackson assumes control with the ultimate toolkit: a Fancy Steel Chastity Belt, and Advanced Training Collar.

Finally coming around to the idea that she is no longer in charge, Kiki hopes her punishment is nearing its end, but Jackson is just getting started. 

 'Attitude Adjustment' is the ultimate punishment adventure featuring chastity fetish, male dominance, bondage and restraints, pet play, toilet humiliation and electrical shock.


4K Video Download

26 minutes Running Time

Starring KiKi Isobel and Jackson Steele.


Notes from the Director, James Grey.

"This was super fun to film, and we can't wait to work with KiKi and Jackson again. Please download to support this industry and we will keep making fetish films - be sure to leave your comments below."


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