Chastity Tether Non-Piercing
Chastity Tether Non-Piercing
Chastity Tether Non-Piercing
Chastity Tether Non-Piercing
Chastity Tether Non-Piercing

Chastity Tether Non-Piercing

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Fancy Steel

Chastity Tether Non-Piercing

The none-piercing chastity tether. This gives you a permeant chastity option with out needing to go through the pain and heeling of a penis piercing.

The tether can be used to attach the penis to chastity devices. this adds a inescapable level of chastity to any Fancy steel chastity device 

How do I use it. 

The tether can be used with our the need of a painful genital piecing. 

insert the tether tube into the urethra flange side first, then attach a retaining ring inside the urethra. pull the tether tube through using floss to loop the retainer. The head of the penis the retainer with be anchored. watch our video for detailed installation instructions. 


Using the other sounding tube provided, push the main tether tube further into the urethra past the retaining ring this with dislodged the tether and allow it to be removed safely.  

 Removal video instructions 


Tether tube length 28mm 

tube diameter 6mm 

flange end diameter 9mm 

4 retaining rings 

11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm 


made from high grade surgical titanium steel. 


20mm Padlock or locking ring with security key 

The Tether is compatible with any Fancy steel men's chastity tube, Iron knob or hood device.  

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I'm having trouble fixing my retainer.
I've watched your video and am trying to fix it, but I haven't been successful yet.

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