Clamp Gag
Clamp Gag
Clamp Gag
Clamp Gag
Clamp Gag
Clamp Gag

Clamp Gag

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The Clamp Gag

Designed To Make Them Droll

The Clamp Gag makes a unique and quality addition to your collection.

Built For Quality 

This minimalist gag design uses surgical grade stainless steel.


This design is inspired by the intense style of Infernal Restraints, with a Fancy Steel twist. The size, weight and placement of the tongue suppressor has been designed to promote drooling. Each gag is hand-forged to shape, then given your choice of finish - available in high-polish or rustic finish options.

Product Specs

650g weight

15mm thickness

304 grade stainless steel

Wing-nut secured slider for sizing adjustment 

Sizing Requirements

Designed to fit most heads, sliding wing-nuts allow for adjustable sizing for the perfect fit. Width of mouth gag is 135mm, with a depth of 190mm.

Fancy Steel Discretion Guarantee 

All Fancy Steel products are shipped discretely in plain packaging. International customs declarations mark our products as 'custom steel fabrication' for your convenience.

Products are carefully wrapped and discretely packaged in plain boxes

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