Mad Max Female Chastity Belt
Mad Max Female Chastity Belt
Mad Max Female Chastity Belt

Mad Max Female Chastity Belt

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Mad Max Female Chastity Belt

Inspired by the classic auction film and laboriously fabricated from thick 3mm steel the 'Mad' chastity belt comes fitted with every detail.  It is finished with an authentic rustic patina to complete the look.  

Like all Fancy Steel Belts we did require personalised measurements to allow us to custom build you belt for a perfect fit.  
Please email us at: once you have placed an order.  We will help facilitate the measurement process.  

(Male version also available).  


  • Highly adjustable waist band which sits around the hip line
  • Adjustable rear plate 
  • Beautiful authentic Mad Max styling 


  • 1 Chastity belt
  • 2 Combination locks
  • Neoprene lining 

Each of our belts are made to order and customised for your best fit.  As a result the images you see below may vary slightly from your belt.
Email us for more information 


Products are carefully wrapped and discretely packaged in plain boxes

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