Fancy Steel Advanced Chastity Bra
Fancy Steel Advanced Chastity Bra

Fancy Steel Advanced Chastity Bra

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Advanced Chastity Bra

If you are looking for something special or want to be the talking point at the next BDSM fetish event, the Fancy Steel Advanced Chastity Bra is what you are looking for!

This beautiful piece is custom made to fit based on your measurements.

Each component is intricately made from surgical stainless steel, meaning no two pieces will ever be identical. 

When you decide to order one of these stunning chastity bras, we will need to have detailed measurements to ensure the accurate fit and look of your bra. We work hard to ensure your new bra is designed to fit securely against your body creating a total feeling of bondage. 

Please email us to receive detailed measurement instructions :   

Products are carefully wrapped and discretely packaged in plain boxes

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