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Fancy Steel proudly presents 'Missing'... 


In a small town, a young girl goes missing. Michelle is kidnapped (Shortiii). An FBI special agent Rosie Smith (Sylvie Rose), follows the trail to undercover serial abductions in the woods. Agent Smith is taken she awakes to find herself tightly bound to the mercy of a Mad man (Twisted Mofo).  

Agent Smith finds out she is not the only one in the kidnapper's hands. Can they escape, or will the FBI find them in time?

Watch the girls tightly bound in rope bondage, cages, duct tape, abductions, chastity belts, gags, plastic bags.

MP4 Video Download

28 minutes Running Time

Starring Sylvie Rose, Shortiii, Twisted Mofo and Rope Bubble 


Notes from the Director, James Grey.

We wanted Missing to look and feel dark, intense and creepy and used shibari rope, duct tape and other "household" elements as bondage restraints.

It was lovely to welcome back the highly skilled rope master, Twisted Mofo.

Overall it was a very different production style, and we hope you love this new addition and feel to the FS Film repertoire. 

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