Qualified Maid

Qualified Maid

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Fancy Steel presents 

Qualified Maid

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Lexiii, a newly qualified maid, embarks on her first assignment to clean a luxurious penthouse suite. However, upon her arrival, she is confronted with a bewildering array of BDSM paraphernalia and enigmatic kink devices scattered throughout the apartment. Her curiosity is piqued, and she can't help but wonder about the passionate activities that unfolded the night before.

Driven by an irresistible urge to explore this mysterious world, Lexiii impulsively secures a pair of handcuffs around her wrists. Just as her curiosity consumes her, the enigmatic owner of the penthouse, known as Mantra Rope, suddenly materializes.

In a moment of revelation, Mantra Rope reassures Lexiii that there is no need for fear, and he beckons her to embrace her deepest desires.

"The Maid" takes you on an entrancing journey into the realm of fantasy and fetish, where curiosity and desire converge in a seductive and unpredictable tale.

Notes from the Director, James Grey. 
The Maid is a part of a series of Maid-related movies we are producing. including Maid school. Qualified maid is flashbacks to the night before as she cleans up the mess of a wild BDSM scene that had taken place. she battles with curiosity of the toys littering the room. 

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Cheers, James 

-Run Time 27:00 Mp4 video
Directed and written by James Grey 
Producer Steve Erotic_Aus
Produced Fancysteel.com 

Lexiii Loves 
Mantra Rope

1st of November 2023
Dream adventure

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