The Auction
The Auction

The Auction

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About 'The Auction'


Staring Cobie, Bunny and Miss Bee. ‘The Auction’ follows two young girls as they are trained and sold at auction as slaves to the highest bidder.

'The Auction' explores the fantasy of objectification, being sold, female domination, chastity belts, bondage, discipline, cages and slave positions.


What happens to Cobie after 'The Spy'...


What happened to me, I was kneeling cramped in a cage and being driven to a strange unknown place.

There are men with guns and a mean Mistress but I don’t dare rebel for the fear and ever present threat of her electric cow prod.

We were trained in art of submission, servitude and control. My body has become used to chastity, my steel belt is now bound to my body - a part of me.

One night there is a commotion at the house - music starts, fancy guests arrive, fine wine flowing and excited chatter. I was taken away with the other slave and put into chains and lead out in front of a crowd of strangers. It was oppressively loud and they called out numbers, like I was being sold as an animal.

 Now I kneel again, chained and awaiting transportation to my new unknown home.


Notes from the Director, James Grey.


‘The Auction’ is a film I’ve wanted to do for 18 months after writing the script on vacation. Cobie was the perfect slave for the role and wrote it with her in mind.

This was a massive production and undertaking for the Fancy Steel team due to the amount of extra’s and people on set at one time. Miss Bee did an amazing job playing the strict Mistress and slave school teacher, she provides a level of sexy intensity.

Both girls, Cobie and Bunny, look great together in chains and Fancy Steel chastity belts.

The video is broken into two parts telling the story of slave school and auction night. Stay tuned for a possible sequel of the girls settling into their new homes.


We finished shooting and the world went into lockdown with COVID-19 – devastating and horrible  - perhaps a film in it’s self.

My original plan was to release ‘The Auction’ in July but I have fast tracked the release date to May, for my dedicated fans in isolation and/or quarantine.

I really hope you enjoy the film – it’s stylish, sexy and twisted.

We have currently postponed filming any new productions until further notice but are working on releasing more films, from content filmed earlier this year, for you soon.

Please download, support this industry and we will keep making fetish films.




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Customer Reviews

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Adult education

This is a very well executed portrayal of two girls being taught what is expected of a slave, then being sold at auction.
The training is quite abbreviated, however. I would have liked a lot more!
They wore the new shock collars for a brief period, but I would have kept them in the collars throughout!
I also thought the prices they fetched at auction were a bit low. I'm sure there must be Russian oligarchs who would pay 10 times as much! .

Thanks for the feed back. Yeah they did sell cheap really.

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