The Audition

The Audition

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About 'The Audition'
Fancy Steel proudly presents 'The Audition' - the next release in our film collection, coming this November. 'The Audition' is a 32-minute short film, starring Cobie and 'Sadistic Wings'.
Cobie returns in her most challenging role yet, inspired by a Fancy Steel fan who submitted his ultimate script to us... and we agreed to make it.
Cobie attends an audition for an erotic adult shoot, but she arrives only to find the venue completely empty. Immediately, a box of restraints catches Cobie's eye. Tugging at the first of many chains, Cobie starts to try the restraints on, before she is busted by the Master, played by Sadistic Wings.
The Master subjects Cobie to countless restrictive and kinky scenarios, culminating in a double plug steel Chastity belt.
'The Audition' is adventure porn, exploring the fetishes of chastity, male dominance, posture collar, nipple clamps, steel and rope bondage, escape, ball gag, drool, and humiliation.
Stay tuned for additional releases coming soon!
4k Video download 32.00
Starring Cobie and Sadistic Wings.
Notes from the Director, James Grey.
Please download, support this industry and we will keep making fetish films.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Timothy Lott
The Audition

Overall, a most excellent movie, Cobie was awesome. The scenes of her locking herself , especially in the chastity belt, were excellent. The only 'complaint' I might have ( and it is minor indeed) is that after she got caught removing her gag and was made to put it back in, she should have been made ot padlock it closed. Other than that, as I said, excellent stuff ::)

Arian Rüsenberg

The Audition

R. Dole
All around great!

Great short. its hard enough to find this sort of content of this sort of quality. I cover art for this film though got me thinking that it would feature urination in the belt which the film didn't deliver on. Otherwise a really enjoyable film! keep them coming!

An amazing piece of work

An amazing piece of work. The cinematography is excellent. You do great work. COBIE is amazing. Her scenes with the plugs and belt are incredible. She was shaking. You captured it so well. Your closeups and camera angles bring her emotions to life so well.
an outstanding job.
Thank you

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