The Farm 1942 part1

The Farm 1942 part1

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Two new episodes, commencing July 4th.

Embark on a journey "The Farm 1942" Set in the tumultuous backdrop of 1942, with World War II raging, "The Farm" delves into the shadows where the despicable illegal slave trade persists. When husband and wife, portrayed by Sanchez and Shortiii, find themselves ensnared in a web of injustice with no money to pay their debts. the town's Sheriff tightens, leading to their arrest and subsequent auction into slavery.

The slave trafficker Manta Rope, a relentless agent working on behalf of the formidable Mistress Divine Succubus. they travel a grueling odyssey across the Western outback As the arduous journey unfolds, Sanchez and Shortiii confront the brutal realities of servitude and slavery, their hopes tethered to the promise of freedom once their debts are repaid.


The movie explores Bondage, Slave, Chained, Chain gangs, Humiliation, Chastity belts, western, rope bondage, punishment, branding, vintage. BDSM 

Creator James Grey 

Production Fancy Steel. Fluffly Coulds, Erotic_Aus 

Starring , Shortiii, Sanchez Rodrguez, Divine Succubus, Sammy Jackson, OZ, Rose, Lexii, Tonya Shaylee, Sylvie Rose, James Rhys, James Grey Mantra rope Sasha Wetdreams

MP4 Video Download
Part 1  31.00 minutes Running Time
Part 2  32.00 minutes Running Time

Download the Free VLC player here 

Notes from the Director, James Grey.

This is our biggest movie yet, shot over 3 days at different Australian outback locations. themed  in a western style movie setting. 

I wanted to create a slave market vibe with slaves sold and chained together pulled by a horse ridding cowboy to their new home. 

This is the 6th Farm movie The farm 1942 named for the year is set in and vintage style theme. 

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Impatiently waiting? Why not revisit the thrill of The Farm now.

The Farm Part 2 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tommy Lilly Lilly

Loved it

M Zou

I actually have to express my great regret to not find this website anytime sooner.
Good quality content of this kind is extremely hard to come by if there were any comparable content on the internet.
The movie shows is highly appealing also their emotional and their suffering and all that.. just too great if I were to write a review probably going to be too long so I stop here for now

Gelindo Michelettijr
weird but good

need more sex

Jim Keefe

The Farm 1942 part1

Frank Netzband Netzband

The Farm 1942 part1

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