Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

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 Fancy Steel is pleased to present Tomb Raider. 

A sexy fetish parody movie starring Kiki_Isobel and Devine Succubus.

Kiki Isobel as Lara Croft is tipped off that the lost artefact of the gods is in Australia buried in a old mine, her attempts to take the artefact lead to her capture and Lara is enslaved and subjected to bondage, chastity, punishments, humiliation, hard labour, diaper play and much more. 

'TOMB RAIDER' - Run Time 29.31 HD video



Notes from the Director, James Grey...

We all had a little crush on Lara Croft, whether it was the video games or Hollywood movies - who wouldn't mind getting with Lara Croft. I wanted to explore this in a Tomb Raider movie parody with latex cosplay and an unnerving The Farm setting. Lara Croft in latex and a chastity belt doing hard labour as a punishment - it will be hot. We introduce Devine Succubus an amazing Mistress and fresh face to the cast and were delighted to welcome back Arcane and Kiki_isobel. This was a really fun shoot with loads of action, gun shoots and hot latex - definitely worth a look if your a fan of Lara Croft or just love what we produce from the movie department of Fancy Steel. 

Please download and support this industry so we can keep making fetish films. Don't be the guy who uploads to Porn hub, Please support the models and crew. 




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