Transportation chastity prison series

Transportation chastity prison series

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Enter the strange and twisted world of chastity prison. 

An inmate known as Bubbles is being transported to Chastity Prison where she will be forced to wear a chastity belt for the duration of her stay. Bubbles is a repeat offender on the streets. With a history of drug running and prostitution, it is only a matter of time before she winds up in jail for more time. Despite her history, it seems no amount of jail time can calm this deviant. In fact, she has quite a history in jail with many instances of deviant behavior among her fellow inmates. A little bit of playtime with her cellmate here, a more forceful incident of deviance with another. She is almost practically running the prison. 

Because of this, a inquiry panel recommend that Bubbles be transported to our brand new experimental  facility known as Chastity Prison. It is here that this career, out of control, inmate will finally be controlled, and in the most cruel and intimate way. Like its namesake, Bubbles will be forced to wear one of our special chastity belts which will prevent her from having any sexual stimuli. She will be wisked away in the middle of the night to her new location, and despite her tough demenor during her belting. We are sure she will crack under the weight of her new metal underwear. And we also have many other surprizes for her...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Video BUT

I agree with the other review of Jan 5, another great video... BUT as with ALL the videos three things are needed. First, much better lighting to help with the hi definition image . Second, more up close and much slower scanning of the ladies. The camera needs to spend more time and smoother motion on the great ladies bodies, clothes (stripping), chastity devices and hand/leg cuff. Third, stop jumping from scene to scene. That is from one scene to another (for example stripping to restraint chair) typical the transition is instant. In that you have the set, staff and model it would be nice to see her walking in cuffs from one set to the other, the struggle to uncuff and position onto chair etc. That is all videos need to show a natural realistic time line activity and not jump from scene to scene.

The best video of the prison series yet!

I liked this video very much which in my opinion is the best episode of the prison series yet!

It includes lots of kinky fetishes like forced nudity, chains on hands and feet, cell imprisonment and of course all things related to chastity belts. A special highlight was the forced insertion of both vaginal and anal plugs as well as the nasty transportation cage with its anal plug fixation and the preceding shackles welding scene.

I am very much looking forward to see the story of Bubbles be continued. My recommendation to further improve quality would be to put more stress on the prisoner's predicament while being processed and forced to wear the chastity belt, as well as introducing further kinks like a vibrating plug or a shock collar for misbehavement punishment. Take your time to present the story and the scene, and put even more focus on the female prisoner. Make her humiliation and resistance more obvious, while also her beautiful body deserves to be shown in more detail. Keep the good work going!

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