Say hi to my Snapchat subby boy, @mikerg12 What he totally...

Say hi to my Snapchat subby boy, @mikerg12
What he totally lacks in length and width, he makes up for by serving his Goddess Bella everyday, with and without his combat boots on! He spoils me with affection, support, and pretty things for me to wear!

We just started playing a little edging game this week that I thought I would share. It started with one edge on Monday, and then two today. I haven’t made up my mind if I’ll allow his little penis a full release after seven edges on Sunday. Maybe we will just start all over on Monday… Only reallyyyyy good boys get to cum after all!

I’m aroused just thinking of how badly he will want my permission. It will be one of the things I think about while I’m pleasuring myself as much as I want!

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