Chastity Prison: 24-Hour Challenge
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CHASTITY PRISON:                                      24-HOUR CHALLENGE

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About 'Chastity Prison: 24-Hour Challenge'

Fancy Steel proudly presents 'Chastity Prison: 24-Hour Challenge' - the first in our new film release collection, coming this November. 'Chastity Prison: 24-Hour Challenge' is a two-part series, starring Bubble and Mofo, as previously featured in 'Transportation'.
In a first of its kind, the '24-Hour Challenge' was shot over a continuous 24-hour live stream, as Bubble surrenders to complete isolation as the newest inmate of Chastity Prison. You won't miss a second of the action, as we follow her incarceration via CCTV footage within the prison, with cuts to 4K cinematic vision live, up-close and personal.
With special guest appearances from Opal and Nikki.
'Chastity Prison' is a prison thriller featuring cosplay, prison and inmate fetish, bondage, humiliation, power-play, shock collars, chastity belts, Gord cages, handcuffs.

Stay tuned for additional releases coming soon!
4k Video download
Part One 1.43mins and Part Two 1.20mins 
Starring Bubble and Mofo.
Notes from the Director, James Grey.
This was a very challenging shoot - basically a sleepless night for the crew and all models involved. The most challenging element is that it was almost unbearably cold,. This concept is something I've wanted to do for a few years now, very glad it's finally out there. Please continue to support independent productions!
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