Men's high waist sizing

Men's high waist chastity belt. 

These measurement instructions are for the high waist style chastity belt.
What is a high waist belt? high waist is designed to sit higher on the waist level with your belly button. like a pair of high jeans. 
To get the best possible fit we need some very important measurements.
To complete this accurately you will need:
  1.  Soft measuring tape
Please note: Fancy steel chastity belt have plenty of adjustment and allow 50-70mm each way small to large. 
Waist size
Take a leather belt and tighten it around your waist level with your belly button.
this is the position that the chastity will be worn. 
Now measure your waist. 


Crotch length 

Take your measuring tape from the front middle of your belt and run it through your crutch and backside to the middle



Penis tube placement 

Take your measuring tape from the front middle of the waist and measure the length to the starting point of your penis.


 (Don't worry you can adjust the position of the penis chastity tube) 

 If you are still not sure and need some extra help please email our expert team