Q: So I must ask what clicked. My wife locked me up per my request but she is not really into everything else yet. What can I do to help her along. I am usually locked up for months at a time.

To be honest, creating my own Tumblr account. My hubby would always show me chastity captions that he would find on here and I would read them, but never feel any certain way about them. No excitement. But when I started my own page and creating my own content, it made my confidence shoot through the roof. I love having pictures of myself on here for not only my hubby to see, but so many other men who are into chastity too. Every woman loves to be swooned over, so maybe some validity from strangers could give your wife the little push and confidence boost that “She can do this!” and it can be naughty and fun and consensual! You get what you want by being locked up and she gets power.