Q: Fantastic blog, truly erotic, your behavior, submission, & training. Your sir is doing a fantastic job, & I must admit I am truly envious of him having such a lovely, willing slave. Love your muzzle, the mouth should be gagged when not in use! ;-)

Thank you for such lovely note. :)
Apparently Sir agrees that the mouth should be gagged when not in use because this has been a long standing rule for me during training:

“-While not sucking you are immediately to be gagged if not needed for other things and once ungagged you are expected to immediately start sucking.”

I love being objectified like this. It very clearly reminds me of my purpose and only makes me want to perform better. A lot of times my wet panties are added to my mouth before the muzzle is put on so theres no question in my mind *why* I’m in this predicament. 

Thanks again for the note and for checking out my blog. I hope to keep you entertained. :)