Q: Hello, I like your blog. Can you tell me where those chastity belt came from? I have been trying to decide which to get my slave and I like the look of them. Thanks, L.

Hello, and thank you!! All of my metal chastity belts come from Fancy Steel. They have several styles to choose from, and they even have some leather options now. :) 

I own their rigid belt (a more classic chastity belt look) and the link belt (looks like pretty jewelry, but is just as functional as the rigid belt). I also own their metal collar, thigh bands, and plugs.  

I’m always happy to answer any specific questions about my experiences, so feel free to send me a message. I mostly answer privately unless its a question I get a lot - or if someone asks for a private response. 

When I was looking for a belt there was very little info out there about people’s personal experiences and how they work in real life (not porn), so I really enjoy helping people who are curious.  

I can also direct you to @lockedlali who is more of a chastity belt purist than I am, and wears hers for much longer periods of time. She even has an awesome Cararra belt that I’m super jealous of!

Just a bit of random advice: I encourage people to skip the step of buying a cheap ‘no-name’ belt as a stepping stone to a nice belt. A cheap belt will always be ill fitting and is likely to make you abandon the chastity belt idea all together because they are so frustrating (in a bad way, lol). 

If you look through my blog there are several posts about my experience with my belts and that should answer most random questions. I will certainly share my experiences with the new belts when they get here. :)

Good luck!