I’ve been busy doing some redecorating, but I finally found some time to take a couple slutty pics. :)

Tonight I’m playing with some new ears.. I thought they might be a little too rowdy (they seem way bigger than my other ears), but Sir approves of big fluffy ears so I’ve been wearing them almost constantly since I got them. They’re sooooo soft and they even match one of my plugs perfectly! I love them!

I also played with my metal collar and belt tonight. Sir likes the super heavy duty look, and I looooove how the thick metal feels on my skin.. yum! The collar is surprisingly comfortable- I even wore it to bed the other night, and didn’t have any sore spots when I woke up. 

Hopefully, I will get all my play area put back together soon so I can get back to doing tasks for Sir and posting pics. This redecorating project has turned out to be way more time consuming than I imagined…