Rule:“You are to lick up all messes created by you”This mess was...

“You are to lick up all messes created by you”

This  mess was the end result of spending several hours plugged today. I spent the majority of my day squirming in my chair trying to ignore the plug in my ass, and trying to come up with any rationale that might grant me permission to touch my pussy.  

In the end, I was allowed zero attention to my pussy except for a quick little tease from my favorite dildo, and any little touches I could steal.

Sometimes I’m allowed a specific number of pumps, but I did not earn that today.. just a quick wipe to get as much of my mess on the dildo as possible so Sir can evaluate how my training is going.

After that, the dildo went directly in my mouth for cleaning, and that was the end of my usefulness for now. :)

The lesson: The reward should be sucking, not getting my pussy fucked and definitely not getting to cum. Thats not a priority.