Kitty denied

Rule: “What you want does not matter. Your only concern should be eagerly wanting to be useful.”


Lately I’ve been begging for things that I don’t deserve.. orgasms, warm cum, and having my pussy fucked.  After enthusiastically begging for a dildo in my pussy, Sir gave me this task: 

“Your task is to start with the ‘bound cock’ in your pussy (my most painful dildo), then put on your metal belt with open ass attachment, and lock it on tight. 

Be sure and document the cock going deep in your pussy and then the belt being locked on. You can choose the rest of your uniform, but leather seems most appropriate for this task.

The only thing thats forced is the locked in cock. How you spend your time after that is up to you. (Sir likes to see the horrible things I eventually do to myself when left uncomfortable with my mouth and ass as my only available holes and chance for relief)

When you start feeling too slutty and decide you want cock in your mouth, then you will have to suck it covered with plain yogurt or horseradish (plain yogurt is super sour and gross, and I’m extremely sensitive to spicy things). You’re starting to like to sucking your dildos too much, and you need a reminder that what you want doesn’t fucking matter.

Sucking is not required, but if you do- that is how you have to do it. Visibly covered in something you hate, and once it gets too clean.. you have to re-coat it.

You need more lessons that sluts don’t get to pick what they want. So a stuffed, sore pussy, and icky tasting cock in your mouth should help a little.

There are no requirements or training tasks for your ass tonight. You can use your plugs, fingers or nothing at all..but it seems you eventually get desperate enough to try something, so feel free to amuse me. 

I will let you know when the task is over.

…Now you know what you’ll be getting when you ask for attention to your pussy- which you shouldn’t be asking for anyway.


If interested, you can buy the video here. I explain the task from my point of view and I’m miserable the whole time… but I survived. :)

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Rule: “Your main use is as a mouth fuckhole. The other holes are merely for punishment.”

I was given a couple new toys this week. The first one is a new dildo that looks like a bound cock. I was super excited because it looks very fun to practice sucking on, but I would soon find out that this was gifted to me because it received many “bad” reviews saying that it’s painful and scratchy. 

The second toy I received was a spiked sheath that can go on a dildo or Sir’s cock should he ever desire the use of a hole other than my mouth.

Both of them are awful, and definitely not what I was hoping for. Needless to say my greedy pussy is quite sore now.

I was informed that moving forward these will be the only toys allowed in that hole. Sir makes every effort to ensure I’m not enjoying myself too much during training to prevent me from getting distracted and shifting my focus away from his cock.

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