Kitty denied

Time for some more sucking practice! This time Sir added the pussy shocking belt to see if it would improve my performance. (It totally did, lol)

Once I was in full uniform with my corset, garters, stockings, heels and cuffs locked on, I was chained to the O-ring next to my suck mirror and told to practice being a mouth fuckhole. I never get used to watching myself be so slutty in the mirror, but I really have no choice.

During training I have to observe my usual rules.. so as soon as I stopped sucking- the gag was shoved on my mouth. This is to remind me that without the use of my mouth I’m worthless as a mouth fuckhole, and it keeps me eager to immediately suck again once its taken out. 

During this session I was testing out the pussy shocking belt so I was instructed to hold the remote and give shocks at certain times. In the pictures where I’m holding the remote- you can see the green light showing that I’m getting some pussy shocks right then. 

The shock unit used on the belt is the Dogtra IQ. I get lots of questions about the shock collar so I’m super excited that I found a fantastic review site that explains it perfectly and gives ideas on modifications for use on sluts. heheh

The review site is called The Discerning Specialist:

and the link to the shock collar review is:

I hope to see more sluts in shock collars some day! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

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Sir and I have a running joke that I’m a “special needs slut”… meaning, I often need complicated rules and special gear to make me useful. Sometimes the gear needed doesn’t even exist yet, so it takes a lot of effort to make these things happen, but  lucky for me, Sir is willing to put in the work.. lol

In this set of pics I’m showing off a couple new additions to my gear that incorporate one of my special needs- my shock collar. :)

The first is a prototype collar that fits the shock unit. The contact points thread through 2 holes in the leather, and the whole thing is held down by a strap with locking hardware. 

In spite of what its used for, I love this collar already! :) The width is perfect- definitely not a posture collar, but it’s impossible to ignore. Not to mention, it looks so pretty and girly! I Like collars that have a specific ‘inescapable bondage’ look to them, but still look like they belong on a girl.

One small detail that I really love about this collar is the velcro where it comes together. It keeps everything lined up perfectly, and makes it easy to put on. Velcro is a detail you don’t see too often in gear, but is way more helpful than you would imagine. It also helps to get the perfect fit, and prevent the collar from shifting around once locked on (which is kind of important for a shock collar).

Incase you’re wondering why I’m wearing it this way- the shock unit is best utilized on the back of the neck. This ensures I have full range of motion for sucking Sir’s cock, and keeps the front D-rings available for him to attach a leash in case I need assistance with depth. ;)

Since this particular shock collar (Dogtra IQ) allows for 2 units to be controlled from one remote, Sir decided to add a second unit so he could include pussy shocking as another way to keep me in line.

So, the second piece of gear I’m showing off is a custom strap for my plug harness. The contact points thread through holes in the leather, allowing the unit to be placed anywhere on my pussy. :) I still have to get the modified connection points. This one is new and still has the standard “pokey” ones. 

Its a big turn on to me when it takes such little effort on Sir’s part to get what he wants from a sassy slut, but I have to admit that the pussy shocking is significantly more intense than the neck shocking .. but then again, I’m not a pain slut so I’m probably just being dramatic. I’m equally as dramatic about forced orgasms… and canes.. and pretty much everything, hehe.

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Slutty Office Assistant Uniform - part 3

This set shows the process of me getting undressed after a long day of pretending to be a productive office assistant.

I like that I can take off the shirt, and skirt, but all the important gear is still locked on by the chastity belt.. This way I’m motivated to see how I can be useful to Sir vs. sneaking off to play with my pussy. :)

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Slutty Office Assistant Uniform - part 1

In my never ending quest to please and entertain Sir, I decided to put together the perfect slutty office assistant outfit. :)

It’s important that an office assistant looks hot while still being useful, so I kept  that in mind when I put together this outfit for Sir’s approval.. I made sure to include all the necessary gear to prevent me from getting lazy and playing with my pussy all day, (which is exactly what I would do if I wasn’t belted, hehe).

I started with the required leather garter and stockings.. can’t have a sexy office slut without them. Sir always like seeing garters peeking though under a short skirt, so I was sure to include that visual for his review. 

Then I put on my new corset and laced it as tightly as I cold tolerate. Sir likes the sexy curves, and I like how it makes me feel suuuuuper restricted. This corset is a little more severe than my other corsets, so I’m still working hard to get used to it. 

I love that it forces me to sit up straight, and I never get totally comfortable no matter what I do. I suppose that’s a good reminder that looking hot for Sir is way more important than my comfort. :)

After my corset was laced up tight,  I added the chastity belt. That’s pretty much a requirement for me these days, and is very effective at keeping my pesky hands away from my greedy pussy. Unable to get any pleasure, I’m forced to focus on being useful and that means Sir always gets an eager suck when he wants one. 

The belt also works to securely lock on the corset and garter belt- just in case I get any ideas about taking things off. I love layering my outfits that way.. the more complicated it is to get on, or take off, the better. 

Then I put on my regular office outfit - white blouse, pencil skirt, a waist belt, glasses and my 6 inch heels. :)

…more pics later..

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