Kitty denied

“Insert emo quote or caption here”

These pictures turned out a little blurry… so I’m just gonna call them, “art” and post them anyway, hehe… Plus, if it’s “art” then its not slutty. Thats a fact! (>‿◠)

I was having a good hair and makeup day and its not fair that my camera didn’t cooperate! I did manage to get some good sucking practice in, and shot another video for Chastity Babes. Yay! ◕ ‿ ◕

I’ll let you guys think of your own corresponding quote or caption that makes me seem like less of a slut, because I have the key to my belt today and I need to go play with my pussy instead. (¬‿¬)  

(Notice how sassy I am when I get to cum- this is why I need the belt or I would be out of control! I’m sure I will be belted again before the end of the day.)

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Tonight’s sucking practice:

Sometimes Sir has me practice sucking with 2 dildos at 2 different heights on the mirror..

When I’m belted, all the moving around to suck dildos at different heights ensures the plugs in my other holes are moved around just enough for me to stay uncomfortable, making them impossible to forget about. (Example- Being bent over makes the ass plug get pushed in deeper, and crawling makes the dildo in my pussy move around nicely..)

On occasion, I will have dildos on each side of the room, and I have to crawl to each one and practice sucking for a specific amount of time.

For tonight’s practice, I had my metal plug in my ass, and my (uncomfortable) bound-cock dildo in my pussy. Both secured in place with a makeshift chain chastity belt.

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