Q: What does the cumlube taste like? And have you ever ingested some of it before? I heard that it's not really harmful at all but I just wanted a user's perspective.

Thats a great question! I use 2 kinds of fake cum lube. 

http://www.spunklube.com This lube is kinda thick and has a distinct taste. I wouldn’t say its a bad taste, but it tastes slightly like plastic. I almost think thats from the container its in. I’ve heard of people adding things like, Propel drink mix, or gatorade to it to give it a sweeter and more salty taste. I’ve never tried that because I’m so slutty that I’m not picky about the taste, lol.

https://bad-dragon.com/products/cumlube This lube is water based, but has a more stringy/oily feel in my mouth. It doesn’t have much of a taste at all, and for some reason it always feels colder than the other lube- which is kinda weird. The texture is what makes this one stand out because it really coats your mouth - or whatever hole its used in ;). It’s my favorite lube in general, and I would recommend it to anyone, even if they didn’t have plans to eat it. 

I don’t eat THAT much fake cum, but I do end up swallowing a little sometimes (a table spoon or 2). They’re both water based, and I’ve never had any discomfort from it other than the fact it’s humiliating and objectifying to be forced to lick up fake cum as training for real cum, lol.

Thank you for the question! :)