Q: When did you noticed that You liked to be gagged? What was your first kind of gag? And how old Where you?

My first experience with a gag was in my early 20s and to be honest I didn’t love it. It was a ball gag that was a little too big for my mouth, left in a little too long, and used a little too often.

I always enjoyed gags in terms of being pleasing to the Dom I was serving, but my jaw was always very sore for a long time after. I eventually transitioned to a bit gag that was easier on my jaw, and that’s when I truly started loving them. (I was probably 23 at the time)

When I met Sir years later,  I still had a lot of concerns about ball gags so he kindly found me a perfect sized ball gag to start with, then carefully transitioned me to his open mouth gag.

My favorite gag of all time is the open mouth gag Sir designed and had specially made (the gag in the picture I posted for having 500 followers). I can’t say enough nice things about it. It has a spot for teeth so it doesn’t overly extend my jaw but keeps my mouth open nicely. It also has D-rings on the side so he can easily pull me down deeper on his cock. It’s surprisingly comfortable to wear, and it feels amazing to have my mouth fucked that way.. :) Thats my idea of heaven.

Great questions! Thank you!